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Thanks Rosann. 


I am so happy that you agreed to represent us in the sale.  It was an honor working with someone with your expertise and despite the problems related to the modifications that mom and dad made to the house, you made the process stress-free.

BM                                                                                                                                                            2021

[from a client from 27 years ago!]

Subject: Were you the same agent who sold me my home in Michigan?

Message: Hi, Rosann. My name is C. B., and recently, I remembered your name in relation to my first home purchase twenty-seven years ago in Beverly Hills, Michigan. Not sure if you're the same person, but if you are, I want to say that I am still in that first home you helped me find after what (for you) must have been an excruciating search of close to 100 listings over a year's time. You had the patience of Job, for sure! This home had NONE of the MUST HAVES I had given you, but I fell in love with it the minute I walked in and have been in love with it ever since. The property values around here have been soaring and now, after retiring and raising a family, I've been thinking of moving to an apartment or condo -- but I still can't bear to leave! So I thank you for your steadfast determination to find me the home of my dreams. You introduced me to it and here I am, almost three decades later, still in love with this place (a love that outlasted my marriage lol!). If you are, indeed, the Rosann Clementino from Michigan real estate many years ago, please know you make a difference, not only in a business sense, but also in the matchmaking sense, setting up introductions that lead to lifetime memories built and cherished in the homes you helped create. Have a wonderful holiday.

                                                                                                                                December, 2020    

Hi Rosann,

Thank you so much for helping us find a new home and sell our Scottsdale Mountain home! We really enjoyed working with you. We appreciate your professionalism, your efficiency, your knowledge, and everything you did for us. You are truly the best realtor we have worked with. We would definitely work with you again, should the need arise.

Wishing you and yours the very best,

S & S                                                                                                                                               2018    

Dear Rosann:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for assisting me in the sale of my Scottsdale residence. Quite frankly, if I did not listen to your recommendations, I am certain that there is no way I would have gotten such a high price for my home. I am glad I did not make the mistake of letting another realtor sell my home. It would have cost me thousands if not tens of thousands. I am grateful for your not wasting my time with open houses and the fact that you were at every showing in the 100 plus degree heat. It takes a great deal more to sell a home than just putting up a sign and listing the property on MLS. It takes experience, patience and a strong commitment to get to and through the closing process. What I think I will always remember about our working together is that at no time did I ever feel like you had something more important to do than to work with me on the sale of my house. There was never a moment where I felt that a larger deal had priority even though I know you had listings which were two and three times the sale price of my home.

Thanks Rosann.

Dear buyers and sellers,


Rosann Clementino came highly recommended and was hired as our realtor to sell our home in the Scottsdale Mountain community. From our first meeting to the close of sale, Rosann worked tirelessly to sell out home.  Her commitment, energy and professionalism is reflected iin her willingness and availability to go far beyond, and out of her way, to meet our extraordinary needs during a very difficult time in our family's lives.Rosann was consistently available to meet with contractors, repairmen and family anytime of the day.  In our absence, she made the property available for contractors and services, and then secured the property when work was completed.  She guided our decision making process, offering sound advice, quality contractors and cleaning services to best prepare the property for sale. Rosann supported our family during the sale with confidence, and professionalism.  We could not have found a more prepared, skilled and supprtive agent to represent the sale of our family home. It is with sincere gratitude and apprreciation that we offer this testimony for Rosann.


Lawrence O

Dear Rosann,
My wife and I want to thank you for the outstanding marketing plans and your personal effort that accomplished the sale of our home in Scottsdale in about 2 weeks. This outstanding accomplishment was due to your knowledge of the market, your ability to create an interest in our home by the use of a color brochure as well as your showings of our home to other realtors and potential buyers. Showing our home personally to every potential buyer rather than using a “lock-box” is an example of your attitude to individual service.
You have earned our gratitude and our recommendation to anyone.
Best always,
Mr. and Mrs. B

Dear Rosann,
It’s over, but it was a real pleasure working with you on this transaction. I can’t speak for you, but closings feel better to me than just about any other part of this business! Not only is it time for our clients to finally relax a little after weeks of tension, pressure and stress, but we get to measure the value of our work by a paycheck!
It was a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and expertise showed and certainly helped smooth out some of the problems and even avoid others. You made my job a lot easier and the whole process less painful for everyone concerned.
Thank you again and I hope we do a lot of transactions together in the months and years ahead.
C. D.
Realty Executives Realtor

Dear Rosann:
Thank you so much for all of your efforts in the purchase of our new home and the sale of our current
Your continued counsel in making the extremely difficult task of selecting a new home into a positive
experience is applaudable.  You exercised patience (two years worth), shared experience and
invaluable knowledge and guidance through this entire process, making it a very pleasant and positive one.
In the sale of our current home, you worked with the precision of an artist.  The home was properly
appraised, professionally marketed, and sold within a very satisfactory time period.
We are extremely appreciative of all of your hard work, “hand-holding”, understanding and
professionalism throughout the entire process.
Thank you for enriching our lives.
Mr. and Mrs. L

I  received  your  voice  message  left  while  in  the  air  to  D C .  Thanks for  all of  your  help .  

Your  professionalism ,  expertise ,  responsiveness and  ability to  anticipate  needs and  behaviors are exceptional.  I  have  never  experienced  this quality on  other  sales,  not  to  mention  the  bottom line success of  selling  our  home  for  close  to  the  asking  price  in  less than  a  week!  

I  know  you  will have  continued  success.  Let  me  know  if  I  can  ever  testify to  your professionalism.

Best  wishes.  

Dear Roseanne;

Kathy and I wanted to express our deepest appreciation for your efforts in helping us sell our home in Scottsdale Mountain. Your professionalism, knowledge, work ethic, anintegrity were essential to us during a very emotional time in our lives — and you didn’t let us down! The first time we met, you laid out a plan and your philosophy for achieving it, and you never wavered from it. We believe your approach to selling homes is thstandard that home sellers are looking for and that other realtors should emulate. Your steadfast commitment was truly refreshing. Perhaps your biggest attribute, and the thing we appreciated the most, were your communication skills. The personal showings, real time feedback, and regular dialogue made us consistently feel like we were your most important client.

Again, thank you so much for all of your hard work!

We would not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends or colleagues who are looking to sell their home. If you ever need a referral, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Bill and Kathy M

Hello Rosann,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You did such an amazing job selling my house-2 offers in 2 days! That was ridiculous.      You went above and beyond my expectations and I truly can't thank you enough.

If you ever need a recommendation, feel free to use me. I am happy to help you in any way. I will give you a call when I am back there!


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